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About MOOCs

MOOC Stands for 'Massive open online course'. It's main aims are learning on large scale and open access on the web. MOOC Platforms serve traditional e-learning content like filmed lectures or videos, audio recording, articles, question sets and also provides for interactive learning experience through user forums, facilitating interaction amongst teachers and students, quizzes and assignments.MOOC technology have disrupted the distance education domain enabling institutions to distribute their content to a wider audience.

MOOCs development Services

RaiFox provides for standard deployment of MOOC platforms as as turnkey platform development. Our understanding and experience of the MOOCs domain will help you in reaching faster to market and with top-notch quality in a secure manner.

Our MOOCs offerings include
  • Customization of MooC frameworks(openEdx, Canvas and Moodle etc).
  • DevOps and Cloud Management.
  • Custom & Advanced Analytics.
  • Potent Gamification to engage learners.
  • Content Migration from other LMS.
  • CMS Assistance.
  • Corporates

    Corporates have ever-changing dynamic skill set requirements. Your organization can leverage the power of MOOCs to train employees on Specific skill or project. Immediate Benifits include reduced costs and time of learning.

  • Universities

    Universities & Educational institutions can offer courses to their regular and distance students. They can design interactive assignments, upload course material including but not limited to Videos, Podcasts and documents.

  • World wide distribution

    MOOCs enable institutions to distribute their content widely across the globe and thus enhancing their reach and reputation.

  • Advanced Analytics

    Advanced Analytics & Learner tracking enable objective evaluation of course content and correspding instructors while providing a real-time snapshot of learner performance and engagement.

  • Hassle Free Certification

    You can digitally produce, authenticate and distribute certificates with ease to learners with our hassle free certification process management modules.

  • Payment Integration

    Integration with payment services will provide for a consistent revenue stream.

The Corporate Advantage

Rich features

Leverage the most powerful open source frameworks like openEdx, Moodle, Canvas etc in the market to create innovative, social and collaborative training. You can create once, distribute anytime and anywhere to all your offices across the globe and to a wide array of devices and people.

Quick Start

You do not have to be an expert in MOOCs or e-learning to create trainings and courses. Our platforms provide the requisite tools for course authors to easily create courses. Learners will be able to discover content and learn on our platforms with great ease enabled by our contextual design flows.


We follow stringent & requisite security policies and adhere to secure standards. Our architecture is designed to meet the demanding norms of the highest standard. Your platform may be hosted on a private cloud within a firewall or on a public cloud, our security cover will encapsulate and protect your data. All your data is encrypted with TLS and will remain confidential.

Automate & Reuse

Large corporations and educational institutions need to train large scale of learners. With the use of MOOCs organizations can record once, reuse the same content to train lakhs of students while still retaining the interactive nature of learning and learner engagement with the platform. Learner assessment modules will provide tools to track learner progress thus providing crucuial feedback to institutions.