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Digital Strategy & Marketing

The overarching presence of the Internet has enabled reaching out to a wide range of consumers across the world. The Stakeholders are diverse, they could be Business houses, Media outlets, Publishing houses, NGOs, Governments, Celebrities, Authors and other influencers. These diverse array of influencers require a potent digital marketing strategy to penetrate and engage the last mile consumer.

Our Services

  • Search Engine Optimization(SEO) - Increase the number of visitors to your website, improve the 'rank' of your website.
  • Social Media Strategy and Marketing - Promote your content or brand on Social media channel to increase brand awareness, engage loyal customers or fans, drive traffic and generate leads for your business.
  • Social Media Account Management - Management of your various social media accounts in sync with your strategy to connect & engage with your followers.
  • Analytics - Collection and analysis of data from your websites and social media channels.
  • Marketing Automation - Automate repetitive tasks such as Email Newsletters, Social Media post scheduling, Contact list updation, Campaign tracking and reporting.

Auxillary services

Many a times, companies or individuals require additional augmenting services to establish themselves as a brand in the online space. The niche services that we provide to help augment your brand value are listed below.

Development Services

Our In-house engineers & designers can develop sleek websites, mobile applications and platforms customized to your needs and niche requirements.

Content Distribution

Build your own content distribution services like netflix or youtube with our video streaming & content distribution solutions. We have vast industry experience in this domain and have delivered great audio streaming and video streaming products & platforms.

CMS Assistance

Content keeps the audience engaged with your brand. We provide content Managemement Website Development & writing services.